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The Faet Technology is the result of a successful 90-year history of Faet Group, which pioneered the Brazilian market, manufacturing electric appliances since 1927. Nowadays is a traditional manufacturer of Appliances, being possessed of an extensive network of Technical Assistance to It covers the entire national territory. The Faet Technology, comes from this legacy and the current energy crisis scenario. Its mission is to operate at the forefront of state of the art energy efficiency solutions, focused on reducing energy consumption, with lighting and, in fair and rational water consumption. In energy efficiency, Faet Technology is equipped with the best lighting solutions LED, both in quality and lighting capacity. All solutions will be covered with 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects and fully guaranteed by the extensive services Technical Assistance Network FAET.

faet lux

The FAET LUX line begins with the great advantage of the excellence and expertise of its technical staff. Team is highly qualified to raise, analyze and identify the best solution to be offered to the client to dramatically reduce their consumption in electricity in lighting while improving the quality of its light. In all lines of energy efficient solutions, high quality lamps are used with luminous flux up to 110 lumens / watt, 50,000 hours of life, approved by Inmetro and Procel, with color rendering index (CRI) above 80, with color temperatures between 2700-6500 Kelvin and full 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

faet luz

Sale of lighting solutions, after an engineering project, to change the existing system, Led high quality standard.

faet ilumina

We offer the customer the lease of a solution for a period of up to five years. The amount of the monthly payment will be lower than the cost savings in the customer’s energy bill.

faet lúmens

In partnership with a financial institution, we offer the customer, buying an energy-efficient solution with funding of up to 5 years. The amount of the monthly payment will be lower than the cost savings in the customer’s energy bill.

faet measurement

In water line measurement of the relative solutions ½ meter will be employed, "¾" 1 ", 2", 3 ", 4", 6 ", 8", 10 ", 12", 50 ", ultrasonic, equipped with telemetry wifi network, or radio frequency, with a useful life of 10 years, and with the metering option at a distance by remote sensing via the Internet. All products are covered by full warranty against manufacturing defects for five years and professional technical visits of FAET Technology, bimonthly during the contract period. The guarantee involves the exchange of defective assets for new equipment. In partnership with a financial institution, we offer a complete solution to individual metering for condominiums, with funding of up to five years, with total guarantee of the assets involved, so as to not require the customer to have work background or financial reserve. The measurement service may be offered separately by direct FAET Technology or through local certified partner. More than a product, MEASUREMENT FAET brings to market an undeniable improvement in the measurement of water consumption, using ultrasonic technology. This solution comprises providing the best gauges of the coupled market lifetime of 10 years order and with impressive 5-year warranty. In addition, it has a remote metering for WiFi that allows the collection of data at a distance. With FAET MEASUREMENT, our customer can at any time and from anywhere, know your actual consumption. At no time will pay for the consumption of its neighbor.

telemetry by wifi

lifetime of 10 years

5-year warranty

faet smart grid - the platform

• Allows remote metering of water sectors, electricity and gas, as well as adapt to the telemetry / remote reading of any sector and can use meters from any manufacturer, and own meter with the "device" built-in telemetry;
• It consists of a reading system based on RF communication - free zone - range 915-928 MHz- encrypted - Bidirectional;
• Allows field configuration;
• The system allows reading, connection and remote cutting and can cover up to 300 000 hub for measuring points in a radius of up to 8 km;
• Exemption human intervention;
• Online detection of losses and fraud;
• Accurate - Meter sends consumption data wirelessly - generation base of monitoring data;
• Sending fraud alarms, vandalism or malfunction in real time;
• Submission of measurements in real time;
• Allows Internet transmission, VOIP and control IP cameras - sound and image.

faet smart grid - control system

• Fully Web-based;
• If used in our data center has no acquisition cost (no competitor);
• Bidirectional, receives data readings but also allows real - time readings (no competitor);
• It issues various types of reports, comparative and historical irregularities, among others;
• Minimizes time between reading and analysis, allowing anticipation of decisions;
• Database generation for analysis and monitoring (data warehouse);
• Allows provide internet access password for the online order tracking, including the client with unique password, limited to your data (no competitor);
•Allows cutting and reconnection command from the Internet.

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